Slaton ISD Rules for Attendance at Football Games
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Slaton ISD District Rules For Attendance at  Tiger Nation Football Games

In order for our Slaton Community and Guests to enjoy our Tiger Nation Football Games, the following expectations will be in place at each football game...

 1. All youths 15 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (21 or older) while attending any Slaton ISD Athletic Event.

 2. Fans must either be seated in the stands or standing behind the fence at the South end zone observing the game.

 3. No loitering is allowed behind the stands or in the concourse area.

 4. Since athletic events are district-sponsored activities, all  Slaton ISD  policies apply to games.

 5. Negative comments directed at  students, coaches or officials will not be tolerated.  We expect our students to behave in a positive and respectful manner.  Thank you for being good examples for them.

 The reasons for these expectations are simple; crowd control and safety.  We want you to enjoy the excitement our athletic programs offer, and we believe these changes will enhance the overall experience for our community and our guests.

We ask parents to review these rules with their children and stress the importance of following all district rules. 

We appreciate your continued support of our schools and our athletic programs.  We look forward to seeing you at the games!