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 February 2021 

January Student Spotlight

Kambri Pleasant
Kambri Pleasant 

  Kambri Pleasant is a 2nd grader in Mrs. Gibbs class. She has a brother, sister and three dogs.  Her dog is Poncho.   Kambri likes to read and jump on her trampoline. Kambri reports, “I like to do a front flip.  I am working on a back flip but I don't want to hurt myself.” Mrs. Gibbs reports that Kambri is a true class leader. She works hard every day to complete all her assignments, stays on task, and is an example to her class of how expectations look and sound like. All students in the class know that Kambri is always willing to answer a question, help read or explain instructions. Kambri is the reading and math stations leader.  If peers have questions during stations, Kambri is always willing to help. Kambri is a kind and respectful person and is a friend to everyone.  When I asked Kambri why she likes coming to school she replied, “to learn.  I also get to see my friends.”  Her favorite subject is Math because, “I get to learn plus and minus.”   

  January Employee of the Month

Lillie Douglas 
Lillie Douglas

CTE Cafeteria Team
CTE Cafeteria Team

 Lillie is a blessing to our students and staff at CTE. Lillie and her team of hard working, fun loving, caring ladies keep CTE students and staff fed. This Terrific Team is made up of Lillie with 16 years’ experience, all at CTE,  Mary Perez with 6 years, Heather Armendariz, Manuela Chaverria, and Becky Rivera all with 2 years. 

This year has been challenging for our entire staff.  Lillie and her team have not missed a beat. Feeding 450 students and 70 staff in two hours is no easy task. Yet they are able to deliver because they operate like a fine oiled machine. Even five minutes off in an elementary campus can impact several grade levels causing students to line the hallways and ultimately affecting instruction. Lillie and her team have worked so hard this year to ensure that does not occur.

The word for this year is flexible. The staff in the cafeteria is flexible. We made changes this year serving breakfast at 7:00 am. Lillie and her team were on board to make the change. Doing ‘what is best for students” is part of the mission. This change has helped with morning transitions allowing teachers to get to instruction faster. When Lillie was asked what is the reason for her dedication of 16 years.  The reply was “I love the kids, CTE is the best campus with the best people.” Together we are building a brighter future for our students.


Our Mission
Great Teachers create a positive atmosphere in their classroom and school. They treat every person with respect. They understand the power of praise!
•Great Teachers know they are the variable in their classroom. They consistently strive to improve and they focus on something they can control – their own performance.
•Great Teachers care about their students. They understand that behaviors and beliefs are tied to emotion and they understand the power of emotion to jump start change. 

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  Building PRIDE, one little Tiger at a time.