The district’s dress code is established to prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

  • Clothing and accessories with vulgar, obscene, indecent or derogatory slogans and/or pictures are prohibited.
  • Dress and grooming shall not be gang related. Apparel or accessories that separate individual students from the general student body into a smaller group that denotes gang-related associations are prohibited.
  • Clothing and accessories promoting weapons, violence, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Oversized clothing is prohibited.
  • Full-length coats or other coverings are prohibited.
  • Hats, caps, or hoods are not to be worn inside the building.
  • Shoes are required.House shoes and skate shoes are prohibited.
  • Tank tops or muscle shirts are not acceptable clothing for boys or girls. Sleeveless garments are permitted if the width covers the undergarment and is at least 3 fingers wide at the top of the shoulder.
  • See through, off the shoulders, or low cut clothing, as well as bare midriff clothing and cutoffs are prohibited. Undergarments shall not be exposed at any time.
  • Strapless garments without a covering jacket or top are prohibited during the school day.
  • Shorts, dresses or skirts will be no shorter than six inches from the bottom of the knee. Non-transparent leggings may be worn provided over garments are finger-tip length.
  • Holes, rips, and or tears above the knee are considered inappropriate will not be permitted.
  • The hair shall be clean, well-groomed, and shall not cover the eyes and the hairstyle shall not create a classroom distraction or make reference to or possibly be interpreted as gang related. Multiple cuts, designs, and extreme hair colors are not permitted.
  • Eyebrows must not be notched or shaved in an unnatural manner.
  • Mustaches and beards shall be acceptable if neatly trimmed, and shall not be extreme in fullness.
  • Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn inside the buildings except for those specifically prescribed for a light sensitive condition by medical authority.
  • Contacts, such as Wild Eyes, (e.g., white-out, cat eyes, zoom etc.), which alter the student’s natural eyes, shall not be permitted.
  • Students may not wear facial studs, facial rings, or tongue bars, and piercing must not be visible, nor may it be extreme or disruptive.
  • Male students may not wear earrings.
  • Spacer earrings, gauges, and plugs are prohibited.
  • Visible tattoos shall be covered. Student must provide coverings for visible tattoos.
  • Dog collars and chains are prohibited.
  • JH and HS do not allow sleeveless shirts for boys

The building administration is hereby authorized to make judgments; being as fair, impartial and consistent as possible as to what is neat, clean, modest, and appropriate. The decision of the building administration in these matters is final.

Coaches, sponsors, or other persons in charge of an extracurricular activity will regulate the dress and grooming of the students participating in that activity.

Consequences for Dress Code Violations:  See Student Code of Conduct