Please notify the office if your child is sick or has a doctor’s appointment. Our number is 828-5805.

Don’t forget to send a doctor’s note when they return to school

Too sick to come to school is described as a fever at or above 100 degrees, vomiting and/or diarrhea. Make sure you have been well for 24 hours before you return to school.

Healthy Children Learn Better
School Nurses Make It Happen

During this pandemic, our numbers one concern is health and safety. Below is the COVID-19 health screen for our students. This screening will provide you the information you need as you make the decision each morning to send your child to school.
I will not send my child to school if he/she is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

a. Fever 100.0 degrees or higher
b. Loss of taste of smell
c. Cough, short of breath, or difficulty breathing
d. Headache
e. Sore throat
f. Chills, shaking or exaggerated shivering
g. Diarrhea
h. Significant muscle pain or aches