Introducing Margaret Francis

In This Week’s Scoop Studio, Mr. Andrus introduces Cathelene Thomas Elementary’s new Principal Mrs. Margaret Francis

View on Youtube:

Scoop Studio Episode 5 with Margaret Francis

Scoop Studio Episode 5

Tiger Nation Welcomes Coach Lawrence Johnson

Scoop Studio Episode 4 features the introduction of Coach Lawrence Johnson to Tiger Nation:

Scoop Studio Episode 4

Youtube video for Scoop Studio Episode 4

Graduation Video

Thank you Slaton community for your support in celebrating the Slaton High School Class of 2020.

We are proud of each and every one of our graduates.

The parade and graduation ceremony is now available for your enjoyment.

View on Youtube:

Youtube Graduation Video
Graduationn Video

This video is also available for you to download by clicking the following link: Warning this file is very large)


Meal Distribution

Please note that there is a slight change to meal distribution today (20 May 2020) and for the rest of May and June.

Meal pickup on the South side by student drop-off

Meal pickup on the East side by the cafeteria

Meal pickup on the South side in the back by cafeteria

Meal pickup at the front of the cafeteria/gym parking

Meal distribution is from 11:00 – 12:00.  Each child will receive 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches – don’t miss out!


The Slaton ISD Wellness Center remains CLOSED

The CDC requires specialized sanitation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 immediately following the use of the equipment.

SISD Wellness Center is an unmanned facility and cannot meet those guidelines. 

For these reasons the Slaton ISD Wellness Center will remain closed until further notice.

We will not be collecting monthly membership dues during this time.

The Slaton Independent School District is committed to keeping our community and staff safe.

We will reopen as soon as it is safe!

Thank you for your understanding.

Pre-K Roundup Announcement

Click on the link for a video describing the upcoming Pre-K Roundup:

Youtube video for Pre-K Roundup

Youtube video for Pre-K Roundup

The links below will take you to the Applications:
Application in English

Application in Spanish

SLATON ISD COVID-19 Grading Protocol

Slaton ISD standard grading protocols remains in effect during the COVID-19 school suspension with the following adjustments:

  • 1st Semester Grades (9 weeks 1&2) remain.
  • 3rd 9 weeks grading period was complete on March 13, 2020.Passing 3rd 9 weeks grades remain.
  • 4th 9 weeks grades will mirror passing 3rd 9 weeks grades and result in the 2nd Semester Credit
  • A student in grades 9–12, or in a lower grade when a student is enrolled in a high school credit-bearing course, will earn credit for a course only if the final grade is 70 or above. For a two-semester (1 credit) course, the student’s grades from both semesters will be averaged and credit will be awarded if the combined average is 70 or above. Should the student’s combined average be less than 70, the student will be required to retake the semester in which he or she failed. Retaking the failed courses will consist of either repeating the class or online credit recovery which will be determined by the counselor or principal.
  • Student did not earn a passing grade for the 3rd 9 weeks:
    • If that grade was 55 or above, they will have an opportunity to complete a mastery packet that exhibits foundational mastery over failed concepts.If successfully completed the student will receive a 70 for the 3rd and 4th 9 weeks.
    • If that grade was below a 54 or lower, they will receive a failing grade for the 3rd and 4th 9 weeks and not receive credit for that semester.
    • Elementary and Junior High students will have a grade placement meeting with the Parent, classroom Teacher(s) and campus Principal.

For student taking Dual Credit courses:

  • Grading policies remain in effect and 2nd semester grades will be determined at the end of the 4th 9 weeks.


Tiger families,

There are a lot of things that have changed in our routines over the past weeks.  Hopefully this grading protocol will give you assurance that tigers are receiving credit for their work.  If you have any question regarding your student’s grade(s), please contact your campus principal for a more complete explanation of how your child’s grade may be affected.

SFA      828-5813         Mrs. Boyd

CTE      828-5805         Mrs. Johnson

JH        828-6583         Dr. Perry

HS        828-5833         Mrs. Potts




Our Mission Statement

The mission of Slaton ISD is to inspire and empower all students to lead extraordinary lives and embrace the possibilities of the 21st century through relevant, engaging learning experiences led by inspirational and nurturing educators.